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September 2019


Offshore 101: Chunking The Canyons

The fall chunk bite in the canyons can produce a variety of species, here’s how to get started.

Staying Stuck: Fighting Big Stuff

It’s one thing to coax a hit in the surf, getting it in is quite another story altogether.

Mahi Madness: Running The Bulls

A slew of mahi tricks from a seasoned captain and past Dream Boat Fishing Challenge winner.

Fall Fun: Shore-up Your Porgy Bite

You don’t need a boat to put together a hefty catch of tasty porgy in the late summer and early fall.

Storm Surge: The First Nor’easter

Fish as close as you can to either side of the storm, whether a hurricane or a Nor’easter.

Boat Review: Grady-White Canyon 326 Center Console

Introduced for the 2019 model year, Grady-White’s new 326 CC introduces next-gen styling to their Canyon lineup of bluewater center consoles.

Offshore Options: Party Boat Tuna Primer

A look at Northeast party boat tuna fishing for beginners, from a beginner.

How Much, How Long? Trolling Motor Questions

A soup to nuts project overview of a new Minn Kota installation.

Finishing Your Cast: Up Close And Personal

Long casts have their place in the surf game, but there are times when the most productive water is virtually at your feet.

Changing Regulations: Talking Circles

With the ASMFC considering mandatory use of circle hooks when bait fishing for striped bass in 2020, two of our editors relay their circle hook findings and how to make them work for you.

Backwards Thinking: When The Wrong Retrieve Is Right

Out of the box retrieves with poppers, pencils, needlefish, metal lips and tins.

Go-to Plugs: An Efficient Surf Bag

Having confidence in a handful of plugs instead of cramming your bag with dozens of options will lighten your load and cover a variety of situations.

More In This Issue

Narragansett’s Rocky Shoreline

The rocky shore of Narragansett comprises a series of striper hot spots that begin at Point Judith and continue northeast into the mouth of Narragansett Bay.

Product Spotlight: Fishbites

Ditch the inconvenience associated with live bait and give this product a try the next time you need a strip bait, jig trailer or soft plastic.

My Monster Bucketmouth

As a youngster, I did a lot of fishing for snappers, flounder and fluke, but unlike most of my friends, I also loved freshwater fishing.


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