New Jersey Video Fishing Forecast - July 1, 2021 - The Fisherman

New Jersey Video Fishing Forecast – July 1, 2021

Stars & Stripes – NJ/DE Bay July 4th Fishing Forecast

Kick off the Fourth of July weekend with a fishing forecast on the field at the Battle of Monmouth. It was 243 years ago this week that 11,000 new Americans turned away 15,000 British troops at Monmouth after a heavy day of fighting in the oppressive June heat. Like the heavy artillery at Monmouth, Princeton and Trenton, a line of thunder and lightning storms passed through overnight which seems to have broken our local heat. According to the National Weather Service’s Thursday morning forecast for the coastal region, we’re looking at winds from the north on Saturday along of about 10 knots, with northwest on Sunday and southwest on Monday with about the same intensity. The temperature breaks, the winds lay down, all things are pointing to a good holiday weekend – get updates on fluke, sheepshead, surf sharks, the Poconos and the arrival of exotics in this week’s full holiday forecast. God bless America!