New Jersey Video Fishing Forecast - June 10, 2021 - The Fisherman

New Jersey Video Fishing Forecast – June 10, 2021

Jersey Shore Forecast Adds Sheepshead & Lobster

Lobster season officially got underway on June 1, which adds a new dimension to your harvest limits out of Point Pleasant this week; more details in this week’s video forecast which also includes a big time bass pro on the South Jersey sheepshead, an NFL specialist repeats on the jumbo striper circuit in North Jersey, and a 51-inch surf striper smack dab along the central coast. The local party boats are finding incredible action close to home on the black sea bass, while back bay fluking seems to have seen an uptick in action in recent days. The Mid-Atlantic offshore tournament season is underway this week with the Tuna Open out of Beach Haven and MidAtlantic Tuna Tournament going on this weekend out of Cape May. A quick look at Tuna Open leaders midweek showed a steady stream of bluefin to the scale, but late on Wednesday the crew of Class Action brought a 151.4-pound bigeye back in to the Queen City, another added dimension to the 2021 season here in the New Jersey, Delaware Bay region.