NJ/DE Bay Region Fishing Forecast - October 6, 2022 - The Fisherman

NJ/DE Bay Region Fishing Forecast – October 6, 2022

October 6, 2022 Video Fishing Forecast for New Jersey, Delaware Bay

After more than a week’s worth of foul weather – and two consecutive weekends of hurricane swells from Fiona and Ian – the morning of Thursday, October 6th sees 10-knot winds out of the NW, light seas and unbelievably, a bright sun in the sky! More NW in the forecast for the week-end ahead means it could be a great weekend to hit the tournament surf this weekend as bait could be on the move in tight to shore; or perhaps you’ll want to take advantage of the black sea bass opener in New Jersey on Friday, October 7. There hasn’t been much to report in the past week, short of a few back bay striped bass and tautog, but things look to open up again in the New Jersey, Delaware Bay region again this weekend. We’ve got our weekly freshwater report from the Poconos, and yes how could we let this week’s video fishing forecast go without a word or two about tournament stuffed walleye in Ohio; silly tournament cheats, leads are for chunkin’ and bottom bouncing!