NJ/DE Bay Region Fishing Forecast - September 7, 2023 - The Fisherman

NJ/DE Bay Region Fishing Forecast – September 7, 2023

NJ Beaches Are Better in September!

Last week it was east vs. west, and now this week we can’t keep the days of the week straight; it’s a sure sign that The Fisherman’s staff is showing the early warning signs of “fall fever” post Labor Day! It’s September 7th (“not the 8th Jim, slow down”) and we’re back on the beach for this week’s report, with no need for any stinkin’ badges, which means you can fish a few “away games” this week for fluke, bonito and false albacore. Tautog and sheepshead action is still solid, with video of a 14-pound convict fish in this week’s forecast. New Jersey’s fluke season continues through September 27 as folks are finding the best action in the wash and out on the wrecks and snags. And of course, we’re heading into tournament surf season at the Jersey Shore, with one more season-long event beginning today and the ASAC fall season kicking off this weekend. A weekly update on The Fisherman’s Dream Boat Fishing Challenge, the latest offshore fishing reports and an upcoming tropical weather outlook, plus there are foul winds blowing in from offshore as the ocean industrialization efforts by foreign-owned companies are making national headlines again.