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February 2020

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This good-sized perch was duped by pounding a small jig in the mud, pulling the fish in from a distance as it was attracted by both sight and sound.

Late Ice: Pressured Panfish

Extend the hot bite of early ice by altering your presentation and location to adapt to specific panfish preferences.

Untapped Opportunities Winter Experiments Shutterstock

Untapped Opportunities: Winter Experiments

Here are some forgotten long shots that could still be there waiting to bend a rod; you just have to go looking.

Now is a good time to visualize how you would snake a large striped bass through that boulder-filled minefield come next fall.

Mental Fortitude: Zen and the Art of Landing Big Fish

When it comes to landing your personal best, you can never start too early.

Hunting Winter Trout

Open-water Options: Hunting Winter Trout

Where open water can be found, winter trout options abound in Southern New England.

The author’s kayak rigged and ready for a day of fishing.

The Right Fit: Customize Your Kayak

The basic fishing kayak platform is prime for tricking-out to meet your specific angling needs.

Beach ramp

On the Road: Preventative Trailering

Before hitting the highway, try spending some time with your trailer in the driveway.


Road Trip: On the Hunt for Monster Blackfish  

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Newcomb Hollow, Cape Cod

It had been several years since I last set foot on the fabled beaches of Cape Cod, but I immediately felt at home with the backdrop of the pounding surf and expansive Atlantic Ocean to one side, tall sand dunes eroded by years of harsh weather to the other.

A very young Kevin Riley

Tomorrow, Yesterday and Today

When my two sons were grown up enough to go saltwater fishing, my primary concern as their mentor was to make sure that they caught fish. I wanted their first fishing experiences to be ones that they would want to repeat.


Marine Electronics Buyers’ Guide

This year’s class of electronics are breaking new ground and opening buyers to a whole new world of options.


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