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February 2020

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The Jersey Shore surf in the post-replenishment era offers new challenges for anglers of all ages; know your beach conditions at all tidal stages and always make safety your first priority.

Mission Possible: Surfcasting for Life

Fish smarter, safer, and more successfully as you become a more seasoned surfcaster.

The only thing stopping hardcore anglers from hitting the ice this month, could be the ice itself. Be prepared for a deep freeze so you’re ready to target the monsters beneath the ice.

Ice Monsters! NJ Northerns & Muskies

Hardwater anglers hope for a beastly February and a return to the ice.

Cape May county waters hold plenty of historic secrets, which occasionally become visible to the naked eye, as was the case in 2018 when what was believed to be the wreck of the DH Ingraham appeared along the beach at Wildwood.

Ghost of Nuphar: A Townsend Inlet Riddle

Is this a big reveal in NOAA’s Bathymetric Data Viewer, and will it mean better fishing?

For those who play their weather windows properly on the offshore grounds, big seas often mean big fish.

2020 Forecast: Be Your Own Weather Man

Rely on your own weather research as the blow-dry TV guy focuses on the urban observations.

Good beach structure

Surf Strategies: Adapting to Change

The more info you have on the beach, the more reliable will be your adaptations to changing fish moods and hydrodynamics.

The author’s kayak rigged and ready for a day of fishing.

The Right Fit: Customize Your Kayak

The basic fishing kayak platform is prime for tricking-out to meet your specific angling needs.

Beach ramp

On the Road: Preventative Trailering

Before hitting the highway, try spending some time with your trailer in the driveway.


Road Trip: On the Hunt for Monster Blackfish  

More In This Issue

Ponderlodge Pond is located in the Villas in Lower Township in Cape May County within the 315-acre Cox Hall Wildlife Management Area.

Ponderlodge Pond

The cliché “Good things come in small packages” is never more apropos than describing the angling opportunities available at Ponderlodge Pond located in the Villas in Lower Township, Cape May County.

A very young Kevin Riley

Tomorrow, Yesterday and Today

When my two sons were grown up enough to go saltwater fishing, my primary concern as their mentor was to make sure that they caught fish. I wanted their first fishing experiences to be ones that they would want to repeat.


Marine Electronics Buyers’ Guide

This year’s class of electronics are breaking new ground and opening buyers to a whole new world of options.


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