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July 2018


2018 7 When The Tide Slacks Orange Sky

Prime Time: When the Tide Slacks

Change is what triggers any uptick in striper fishing.

2018 7 Troll A Feather Trolling

Old School Offshore: Troll a Feather

A simple, old-school technique that still puts fish in the box.

2018 7 Deep Water Fluking Catch

Destination Doormats: Deep-water Fluking

Set your sights on deep water when hunting double-digit Dream Boat fluke this summer.

2018 7 Party Boat Diamond Jigging Boat

Summer Slam: Party-boat Diamond Jigging

Hop aboard a party boat to get in on the hot, early-summer bluefish and striper bite.

2018 7 Fishing Center Weighted Jigs Fishing

The Slow Pitch: Fishing Center-Weighted Jigs

Slow pitch jigging is very much like Butterfly jigging. A complete system of rod, reel, line and jig, and you need all of those components to do it properly.

2018 7 Target A Wahoo Fishing

Bluewater Speedsters: Target a Wahoo

It might come as a surprise to some anglers but wahoo are a species that can and should be targeted here in the Northeast.

2018 7 A Nantucket Fluke Slay Ride NANTUCKETSHOALS INSET

Doormat Shoals: A Nantucket “Fluke Slay” Ride

Year after year, more Northeast and Mid-Atlantic anglers are taking the ride to trophy town in quest of high quality fluking.

Sea Bass: A Rising Star

There is no reason to gear up with heavy gear to crank up doubleheaders for the freezer when you can still fill your limit and have a lot more fun doing it with light tackle.

2018 7 Led Lighting Upgrades Grady White Freedom 375 LED Underwater Lights At Dusk

Boat Sense: Led Lighting Upgrade

Once considered an expensive novelty less than five years ago, LED (light emitting diode) lighting is the new normal.

2018 7 Dream Boat Mahi Underwater

Pro Tips: Dream Boat Mahi

A hardcore mahi fan shares some tips that could help land you high up on the Dream Boat leaderboard this season.

More In This Issue

2018 7 North Rip

North Rip, Block Island, RI

Like a big bull’s-eye, Block Island sits smack in the middle of the Northeast’s striped bass and bluefish migration pattern.

2018 7 YAMAHA 425 Xto

Yamaha 425 XTO

It’s no secret that outboard-powered fishing boats are reaching new benchmarks, with some 60+ footers out there in the marketplace.

2018 7 Fluke Parmesan

Fluke Parmesan

Adding a little Italian flare to your fluke fillets is certain to have your guests coming back for more.

2018 7 A Hwag To Remember Largemouth

A Hawg to Remember

Fishing for largemouth bass is a lifelong passion of mine, and I’m always looking for that one special fish.


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