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July 2018


2018 7 Summertime Blues Fish

North Shore Surf: Summertime Blues

During the dog days of summer, stripers may be a bit reclusive, but schools of small blues are often ready to please.

2018 7 Choose Your Poison Rod

Montauk Stripers: Choose Your Poison

Montauk’s striper-rich waters have the potential to yield some of the best day or night bass action on the coast.

2018 7 Do It At The Wolcott Catch 2

Deepwater Fluke: Do It at the Wolcott

July and August are prime months to target South Shore wrecks like the Wolcott for double digit fluke.

2018 7 Bottoms Up For Summer Catch 3

East End: Bottoms Up for Summer

There’s no shortage of fun, variety and fish for the table when it comes to bottom fishing on the East End during July and August.

2018 7 Fishing Center Weighted Jigs Fishing

The Slow Pitch: Fishing Center-Weighted Jigs

Slow pitch jigging is very much like Butterfly jigging. A complete system of rod, reel, line and jig, and you need all of those components to do it properly.

2018 7 Target A Wahoo Fishing

Bluewater Speedsters: Target a Wahoo

It might come as a surprise to some anglers but wahoo are a species that can and should be targeted here in the Northeast.

2018 7 A Nantucket Fluke Slay Ride NANTUCKETSHOALS INSET

Doormat Shoals: A Nantucket “Fluke Slay” Ride

Year after year, more Northeast and Mid-Atlantic anglers are taking the ride to trophy town in quest of high quality fluking.

Sea Bass: A Rising Star

There is no reason to gear up with heavy gear to crank up doubleheaders for the freezer when you can still fill your limit and have a lot more fun doing it with light tackle.

2018 7 Led Lighting Upgrades Grady White Freedom 375 LED Underwater Lights At Dusk

Boat Sense: Led Lighting Upgrade

Once considered an expensive novelty less than five years ago, LED (light emitting diode) lighting is the new normal.

2018 7 Dream Boat Mahi Underwater

Pro Tips: Dream Boat Mahi

A hardcore mahi fan shares some tips that could help land you high up on the Dream Boat leaderboard this season.

More In This Issue

2018 7 Marine Parkway Bridge

Marine Parkway Bridge

Spanning the western complex of Jamaica Bay from Floyd Bennett Field in Brooklyn to Fort Tilden in the Rockaways, the Marine Parkway Bridge, also known as the Gil Hodges Memorial Bridge, sets the stage for some fine all around action on a variety of species through the course of the season.

2018 7 YAMAHA 425 Xto

Yamaha 425 XTO

It’s no secret that outboard-powered fishing boats are reaching new benchmarks, with some 60+ footers out there in the marketplace.

2018 7 Fluke Parmesan

Fluke Parmesan

Adding a little Italian flare to your fluke fillets is certain to have your guests coming back for more.

2018 7 A Hwag To Remember Largemouth

A Hawg to Remember

Fishing for largemouth bass is a lifelong passion of mine, and I’m always looking for that one special fish.


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