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July 2019: Issue 19


Angler Profile: Capt. Al Ristori – Part One

The first of a two-part feature profile on Capt. Al Ristori.

Lined up fishes on a crowded dock

Offshore: Tempting Yellowfin

If fishing for tuna is a puzzle, the rigs, lures, baits and spreads you choose are critical pieces.

fish with fly line and rod

Surf Fishing: Fly Fishing in Current

Often relegated to open surf and back bays, fly fishing is extremely effective in strong-running shoreline current.

Inshore: Go Light for Fluke

The rod softens the powerful lunges fluke make as they attempt a dash to the bottom, and violent head shakes at boatside are cushioned with lighter tackle.

Worldcat 400DC-X running

Boat Review: Worldcat 400DC-X

The big news from this North Carolina based catamaran builder is not just the debut of their queen of the fleet 400DC-X, but the enhanced fishing potential of her two sisters that are coming soon - the 400CC-X center console and the 400TE-X Tournament Edition center console.


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