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July 2020

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Surf Solace: Striper Maineiac

Escape the crowds and head north the coast of Maine for some excellent summertime striper action.

Nick Kanaras

Across the Sound: Head to Mattituck

It was a beautiful late June morning last season when my buddy Ron Suda and I hit the waters outside of Mattituck Inlet, NY where Ron keeps his 23-foot Aquasport.

Chub mackerel

Mack Attack: Here Come the Chubs!

Warm-water mackerel add great sport to the summer doldrums. Here’s what you need to know about this new arrival.

summer bass

Fishing Through It: Slow Summer Bassing

Slumps are inevitable when fishing the surf, even more so in recent years with an undeniable downtrend in striped bass stocks.

Legend Pogy John

The Legend of Pogy John

“Find the bait, find the fish” said every time clutter appears on our fishfinder. We all know the mantra but do we really know the bait?

well-choreographed team

Tuna-Finishing: The End Game

Hooking and fighting a tuna is the fun part, the real work begins when the fish is boat-side.

Some of the author’s favorite places to fish

Surf Fishing Plan-B: A Tactic for Success

Build a hierarchy of spots in your repertoire to consistently find success in the surf.

Personal Watercraft Fishing

PWC Evolution: Personal Watercraft Fishing

The new breed of fishing “wave runners” proves there’s a tool for every job.

CChuck Many Dave Glassberg

Cora-Rona: Meet Our 2020 “Sat” Tagged Stripers

After overcoming “COVID” related obstacles, the groundbreaking Northeast Striped Bass Study is underway again!

The author putting the pressure on a bottom-hugging doormat

Deep Water Fluking

Tired of culling through dozens of shorts to find a keeper? Put these tactics to work to improve the quality of your fluking.

More In This Issue


Product Review: Seakeeper 1- Stabilization for Small Boats

Stabilization for smaller boats in the 23 to 30 foot range has been a hot topic on just about every coastal angler’s wish list at some point in their fishing life.


The Coimbra Wreck

With a reputation of exceptional shark and bottom fishing, in recent years the Coimbra Wreck is better known for consistent action with bluefin tuna.

Danger in the surf

Tale End: Danger In the Surf

Last fall I was surfcasting for stripers late in the afternoon at Long Island’s Robert Moses Parking Field 2.

Fluke On The Fly

Fluke on the Fly

Where you place your fly is more important than what it looks like, so fly selection is relatively simple.


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