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November 2018


2018 11 Blitz Bustin Glide Baits Large Glide Bait

The Fall Run: Blitz-bustin’ Glide Baits

Put glide baits to use when you find that next big fall blitz of bass and blues.

2018 11 Best Bet Winer Cod Three

Best Bets for Winter Cod

When the fishing is good, there is no better cure for cabin fever, and space at the rails of party boats can be tough to come by.

2018 11 Next Gen Marine Electronics Electronics Background 4kgglbb1g F0000

Next Gen Marine Electronics, Boating and Fishing Breakthroughs

Here’s a look at some of the latest products likely to change the way we boat and fish.

2018 11 Putting It All Together Blackfish Main2

Successful Togging: Putting It All Together

The right gear, electronics and boat positioning combine for an effective approach to fall blackfish.

2018 11 Do Bigger Stripers Make Better Spawners SNAPSHOT

The Boffff Principle: Do Big Stripers Make Better Spawners?

There is evidence that old-growth age structure fosters population stability, whereas age truncation often destabilizes population dynamics.

2018 11 Fall Bulldogs Fishing

North Shore: Fall Bulldogs

November is the ideal time to tackle tog in the shallow reaches of Long Island Sound.

2018 11 Late Fall Surf Prospects Fishing Main

South Shore: Late Fall Surf Prospects

What could November and December have in store for surfcasters plying the Island’s South Shore beaches?

2018 11 Offshore Wreck Trips Catch 2

Party Boating: Offshore Wreck Trips – Going the Distance

The months of November and December are prime time to hop a ride on an offshore wreck trip.

2018 11 Calamari For The Holiday Squid

Jigging for Squid 101: Calamari for the Holidays

Knowing how to recognize the different types of jigs, as well as how to rig and fish them is essential to success.

2018 11 Montauk South Shore Classic Winners

Wrap-up: Montauk and South Shore Classics

A look at how two of the most popular surf tournaments in the region played out this fall.

More In This Issue

2018 11 One Heck Of A Fish Story

One Heck of a Fish Story

2018 11 The Breach Ao Old Inlet Catch

The Breach at Old Inlet

I haven’t seen an aerial shot yet but my understanding is the breach/old inlet got much bigger.

Furuno GP1871F & 1971F Chartplotter/Fishfinder

Details on Furuno's new touch screen combo units, the GP1871F and GP1971F and their affordable prices.


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