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October 2019


Offshore Off-Season: Proper Put-Away

Take care of your tools and your tools will take care of you.

Rock Monsters: Munting Togzilla

Fall fishing means big blackfish, here’s a look at how you can put a true “togzilla” onboard your boat this season.

Albie Fever: The Hardtail Highway

Follow false albacore as they move through Southern New England in the fall.

Panfish Playbook: Jigging Fall Slabs

Vertical-jigging is a sure-fire way to put more big, fall panfish in your boat.

Bluefish Bonanza: Millstone on the Fly

Nuclear fly fishing heats up with bluefish in the fall!

Beach Driving: 101-PLUS

Everything you need to know to make driving on the beach a hassle-free way to reach those off-road hotspots.

Migration Matters: Landing Surf Giants in October

Night tides and spring patterns often produce the biggest striped bass in the 10th month and beyond.

Wreck Hunting: Game planning for fall action

With summer species gathering up for their offshore migrations, now is the time to get in some quality rod-bending action before put- ting your boat away for winter.

From A Boat: Casting For Stripers

The ultimate reward in fishing a surface plug is when a 30 or better striper rises from the depths to crash your offering, setting off a shower of spray and some wild surface antics.

Schoolie’s In: Surf Stripers On The Fly

Warm summer days and crowded beaches are a thing of the past, giving salty flyrodders the opportunity to ply their craft.

More In This Issue

The Church, Block Island, RI

I hurriedly made my way down the path, tall briars on either side like a tunnel, when a huffing noise rose from the darkness.

Tale End: Truly A Whale Of A Tale

Most fishermen have witnessed, or heard about, unusual coincidences that have occurred while angling.

Product Profile: Simms Performance Gear

The SIMMS name has been associated with high quality fishing gear for nearly four decades.


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