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June 2017


2017 6 Trout Fishing The Lehigh River Trout

Trout Fishing the Lehigh River

As many Keystone Staters hit the shore in droves this month, might be time to head west for some Lehigh trout action.

2017 6 Fighting Big Fish From The Sand Ray

Fighting Big Fish From the Sand

June offers its fair share of trophy stripers in the surf, with big rays and sandtigers in the mix soon enough – are you ready?

2017 6 Inshore Coastal Sharking Main

Inshore Coastal Sharkin’

While perhaps not the monster makos of the deep, it’s not exactly like chasing bluegills and tommycod either.

2017 6 Get The Drift You Need MAINPHOTO

Get the Drift You Need

If you’re traveling far and wide this month, you may be missing the very best of the season’s inside action.

2016 6 Contender 39fa

Contender 39 FA Fisharound

One of Contender’s hottest new rides is their 39 FA, which signifies that this is a true “fisharound” design.

2017 6 Those=deadly Swimmers

Plugging The Surf: Those Deadly Swimmers

You don’t need to take out a second mortgage to buy some of the best surf fishing lures on the market today.

2017 6 High Performance Center Consoles DSC 7337 EasyHDR

Boat Sense: High Performance Center Consoles

Northeast anglers are turning to go-fast center consoles to temper their long runs to the 100-fathom curve.

2017 6 The Art Of The Jig MAIN

Freshwater: The Art of the Jig

Learning to fish a jig properly will broaden your ability to score bass under a variety of conditions.

2017 6 High Speed Wahoo Ned And Wahoo

On The Troll: High Speed Wahoo

I adopted high speed trolling as part of my arsenal, and many wahoos later, it continues to yield excellent results.

2017 6 Working Jetties Rockpiles Toby Wall

Surf Savvy: Working Jetties and Rockpiles

Striped bass have a well-documented fondness for rocky shorelines, jetties, and the abundant forage found among this rocky terrain.

2017 6 Fishing The Squid Grounds Photo By Brian Lockwood

Fishing The Squid Grounds

Savvy fluke fans know that fluke will seek out the spawning grounds of squid that migrate inshore to feed and lay their eggs.

2017 6 Did You Know

Tip Of The Month: Did You Know?

White perch and striped bass are related. Both are members of the Moronidae family of fish, commonly known as the temperate basses, in which both species share the Morone genera.

More In This Issue

2017 6 Elberon Rocks

Elberon Rocks

All I know is that when I want to target doormat fluke during the summer months, I immediately head to the Elberon Rocks.

2017 6 Sunrise Point

Sunrise Point

Every young boy lives in the sunrise of life. A gathering of conscious light growing taller like his body.

2017 6 Igfa Top Shot Rule Change

IGFA Top-shot Rule Change

So long as the top-shot is at least 15.5 feet, the tackle rating is considered at the breaking strength of the top-shot, not the backing.


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