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March 2019


Finding Fluke: Point Judith to Charlestown

A pile of spots off the eastern end of the South Shore of Rhode Island to find fluke this summer.

2019 3 The State Of The Shark Beach

Guest Opinion: The State of the Shark

As seal populations continue to increase, so too do the sightings of nearshore Atlantic great white sharks in New England.

2019 3 Reading Subsurface Structure Water

What Lies Beneath: Reading Subsurface Structure

How to read the coastal landscape to understand the bottom composition, currents and species beneath your hull.

2019 3 The Overlooked Jig Tools

Fishing an Outflow: The Overlooked Jig

No less productive today than in seasons past, the jig could be the perfect lure for fishing deep current.

2019 3 Striper Stocks 50 Count Catch

Bass News: Striper Stocks and 50 Count

While fifties were down last season, the smaller fish, and not all that small, were in good numbers.

2019 3 Seakeeper Contender 32 With Seakeeper 4

Seakeeper 2.0 Anti-Roll Gyro

It used to be that shipboard gyrostabilizers were the exclusive domain of supersized yachts and sportfishers.

2019 3 Publishers Letter Montuak Mik E Surf

Publishers’ Letter

Gray FishTag Research, Navionics and The Fisherman Magazine are developing a satellite tagging study for striped bass with a forward looking objective to pioneer a new level of understanding about striped bass.

2019 3 Making Soft Plastics Plastics Main

Pour Your Own: Making Soft Plastics

From crafting molds to blending unique custom colors, pouring soft plastics is a rewarding way to pass the winter months.

2019 3 Setting Up An Efficient Surf Belt Fishing

Setting Up an Efficient Surf Belt

This vital piece of equipment provides an added measure of safety and efficiency to the surf game.

2019 3 Go For Your Dreams IKE FISH 02

Turning Pro: Go for Your Dreams

So you want to be like Mike and make it on the professional bass circuit?

2019 3 Travel Log Florida Pics

Travel Log: Florida – More Than Just the Keys

Florida is a major destination for Northeast anglers looking to bend a rod on a host of inshore and offshore species from March through May.

2019 3 The Big Game Striper Combo Catch Neon

Spoons or Mojos? The “Big Game” Striper Combo

When it comes to their action, mojos are more forgiving than spoons and will catch bass at a wider range of speeds than the spoons.

2019 3 Making Plugs Work 4 You Catch

Lip Service: Making Plugs Work for You

Here’s how you can modify plastic-lipped swimming plugs to bring your success in the surf to another level.

2019 3 Powder Paint Your Own Jigs Finished Product

How-to: Powder Paint Your Own Jigs

Here’s an economical way to build a good inventory of custom finished jig heads.

2019 3 Striped Bass Assessment Update Artwork

Striped Bass Assessment Update

The latest stock assessment states that the stock is in a state of decline and it will continue to decline unless something is done to reverse that trend.

More In This Issue

2019 3 Execution Rock

Execution Rock

In 1850 a light station was established on a rocky reef off of what is now known as Sands Point in the west end of Long Island Sound.

Ode to a Doormat

Luck notwithstanding, the facts surrounding the catch of my Dream Boat doormat did include a modicum of expertise plus the right response to the situation.


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