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October 2019


Mud Hole Tuna: Return To The Good Old Days?

The 2019 bluefin season has been one for the ages, and it ain’t over yet!

Party Boat Stripers: Jigging Time

When stripers begin feasting on schools of sand eels, it’s time to break out the jigs and hop aboard a South Shore open boat.

Creative Access: Doing Without A 4×4

Being creative can open up new opportunities which can lead to you having a successful and possibly memorable, fall season.

Early Fall Tog: Jigging The Shallows

While jigging for blackfish is nothing new, the advantages of a tog jig are numerous and hard to ignore.

South Shore: Fall Run Striper Tactics

Whether trolling, casting or bait fishing, some of the best striper action of the season is on our doorstep.

Beach Driving: 101-PLUS

Everything you need to know to make driving on the beach a hassle-free way to reach those off-road hotspots.

Migration Matters: Landing Surf Giants in October

Night tides and spring patterns often produce the biggest striped bass in the 10th month and beyond.

Wreck Hunting: Game planning for fall action

With summer species gathering up for their offshore migrations, now is the time to get in some quality rod-bending action before put- ting your boat away for winter.

From A Boat: Casting For Stripers

The ultimate reward in fishing a surface plug is when a 30 or better striper rises from the depths to crash your offering, setting off a shower of spray and some wild surface antics.

Schoolie’s In: Surf Stripers On The Fly

Warm summer days and crowded beaches are a thing of the past, giving salty flyrodders the opportunity to ply their craft.

More In This Issue

Hotspot Of The Month: Cerberus Shoal – Montauk

Anglers looking for an edge along the very eastern end of the South and North Forks for groundfish and gamesters alike, will find Cerberus Shoal to be that place weather permitting throughout spring, summer and fall

Product Profile: Vesper Cortex VHF Multi-purose Radio

Advances in marine electronics technology border on mind boggling when you consider how far it has come in just the last decade.

Tale End: Truly A Whale Of A Tale

Most fishermen have witnessed, or heard about, unusual coincidences that have occurred while angling.

Product Profile: Simms Performance Gear

The SIMMS name has been associated with high quality fishing gear for nearly four decades.


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