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October 2020

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While it’s uncommon to anchor stern to the seas, it’s preferable to placing your prop in the rocks when fishing a breakwall.

Tog Time: Against A Wall

Early season blackfish gather first along breakwalls. Here’s how to target the fall run.

Electrifying Experience Lightning Main

Stay Safe: Electrifying Experiences

Getting caught in the rain, or worse, is no time for a piña colada.

A selection of Sea Snake Jigs

Jig & Fly: The Sea Snake

A productive pattern for both conventional and fly tackle enthusiasts.

changing plug

Counter Thoughts: Changing Plugs

Know when to hold ‘em, and when to fold ‘em, to maximize your results in the surf.

Boat Review NorthCoast 315 HT

Boat Review: Northcoast 315 HT Cabin

Recently introduced as a 2021 model, NorthCoast’s new 315HT is now the largest member in their growing cabin fleet, joining the 285HT, 255HT, 235HT and 215HT models.

An assortment of jigs

Jigging Up Fall Stripers

Each year is different and you have to read the signs to determine where and when the striper migration is going to happen.

glide baits

Glide Baits: An Underutilized Tool For The Fall Run

Glide baits project a profile all their own, cast well and hold their own in heavy surf. 

Tommy ‘Tsunami’ Fucini

Heavyweight Title Fight: Rubber vs. Real

Who will be named victorious in the war between live eels and their rubber counterparts on the striped bass battle grounds?

author jigged up this big tog

Jig ‘Em Up: A Tog Tutorial

The fundamental components to becoming a successful blackfish jigger.

new jersey

Unraveling Striper Migrations, Movements And Population Dynamics

It’s go time once again along the Striper Coast, but go where?


Day Tripping & Stripping: World Class Salmon On The Fly

A legendary fishing destination is a relatively short road trip for most Fisherman readers.

More In This Issue


Hot Spot Of The Month: The 30 Line

From tuna to sea bass, and sharks to cod, this area located to the southeast of Block Island produces fish year-round.

Striper Dawn

Beyond The Brine: Angling Art And The Visual Experience

For those of us who love fishing, the arts—both visual and literary—have crept into our lives.

tale end

Tale End: The Wilbert Rod

It was August 1987 when I met Jim.


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