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September 2020

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Captain Al Anderson with a school bluefin

Tagged Tuna: Amelia’s Travels

The adventures of a lucky little fish with a big story that crossed from one side of the Atlantic to the other.

Midnight Lunkers Night Bass

Midnight Lunkers: Night Bassin’

Now is the time to hit your local bass pond after the sun has set for a shot at a lunker largemouth.

The author landed this large albie

Inshore Excitement: Pelagic Parade

Albies and bonito and macks, oh my! From boat or shore, the next few weeks will see a steady run of speedy visitors in nearshore waters.

Tale End: The Bass Of A Lifetime

July 19th started like any other typical morning when it comes to a Montauk fishing trip.

Shoreside Tog Tactics Blackfish

Shoreside Tog Tactics

The majority of my fishing for these fish the last few seasons has consisted of making casts averaging around 30 feet.

Albie Fever

Albie Fever: The Kayak Advantage

Hunting false albacore and related funny fish on the kayak is one of the greatest local inshore challenges and thrills.

Big Water Surf

Big Water Surf: Setting Up For Storm Success

When the wind is raging out of the northeast in September and October, he is worthless all day and his mind turns to mush.

September: A Season Of Opportunity

Leveraging September migration movements can translate to the ninth month potentially being the most productive of the year.

A Shore Start: Googan To Grandmaster

A look at some of the latest, greatest and most economical choices out now in the surf rod & reel market. 

Boat Stripers: Casting Inside Out

Casting for bass from the deck of your boat adds another dimension to your fishing that may not only be more fun, but often more productive.

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Hot Spot

Hot Spot: Point Judith Light

A classic fall surf spot with ‘big fish potential’ written all over it!

Product Spotlight

Product Spotlight: Seaguar Inshore Fluorocarbon

Seaguar Inshore is a new 100% fluorocarbon leader designed to exceed the expectations of every angler that fishes the expansive inshore environment.


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