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August 2019


A sand crab impaled on a smaller 5/0 or 6/0 circle hook

Crunchy Munchies: Sand Crabs for Summer Stripers

One of the most effective tactics to catching surf stripers this summer lies just beneath the sand.

triggerfish are tough as tautog and are incredibly tasty on the plate

Triggerfish Fiesta: From the Jetties to the Reefs

Tune up for fall blackfish by pulling on a few triggers.

Come fall, largemouth start to shorten their times of heavy feeding

Calculating Success: Planning for Lunch Break Giants

When time is of the essence, planning and plotting becomes essential.

Mahi are dazzling in appearance and a thrill to catch on the fly rod.

“Strong, Strong” Battling Mahi on the Fly!

Mahi are one of the most exhilarating pelagics to catch using fly fishing gear.

Yellowfin were partial to multicolored spreader bars on this particular day

Offshore Tactics: Dragging a Mixed Spread

Until you know what fish find to their liking on any given day, a mixed spread is the best way to find the hot color and size.

Contender 44 ST

Boat Review: Contender 44ST

The new 44ST reminds me of their popular 39ST, but like a supersized version on steroids.

A large piece of flotsam produced some excellent mahi action for Ryan, Greg and Marc.

Day Tripping the Edge: Maximizing Your Opportunities

Take advantage of the latest electronic systems to broaden your options when making that long run to and from the Edge.

showing off a huge fish with the bait still attached

Bullseye on Bonito: The Mini Pelagics

The Spanish word for beautiful – bonito. In the Northeast, it also means opportunity.

showing off a twin sea bass

Bangin’ Biscuits: Shift Gears for Sea Bass

As sea bass season enters its later stages, a change of tactics is required to stay on top of the action.

show up that huge fluke while holding the fishing rod with your teeth

Late Summer Option: Go Deep for Fluke

Focusing your efforts in the ocean during August and September can make that dream of a double digit doormat a reality.

Surf Speed-O’s: Gearing-up for Albies

The end of summer brings a new season and a reward for those of us who have been patiently waiting for the first slice of silver through the waves.

Artwork of tuna by Savio Mizzi

Ballyhoo: Hot Bait for Tuna

They are readily available and with proper rigging techniques are deadly on tuna.

More In This Issue


Delaware Bay Reef

With 18 artificial reef sites deployed and maintained by the State of New Jersey, the Division of Fish and Wildlife decided on taking a calculated chance by constructing a new reef, not offshore like the rest of the Garden State’s artificial reefs, but number 19, the Delaware Bay Reef.

Catching a striper fish

The Hole in One Striper

Over the course of a lifetime of fishing, most fisherman can recall many memorable and even strange fishing experiences that occurred over the years.


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