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March 2018


2018 3 Scale Down For Stripers Catch

Schoolie Time: Scale Down for Stripers

Several strong up and coming year classes provide hope for the future and lots of fun for those who downsize their tackle.

2018 3 Dissecting The Jig Head Striper Jig (1)

Heavy Thoughts: Dissecting the Jig Head

A look at some jig head shapes and how to make them work for you.

2018 3 The Truth About Barometric Pressure Beach

The Truth About Barometric Pressure

Just how much of an effect does a falling or rising barometer have on your fishing? The answer may surprise you.

2018 3 The Big Weasel Weasel Main

Plug Building: The Big Weasel

Because of their scarcity, swimming an original is completely out of the question.

2018 2 Big Stripers For Little Trip FIGHTING FISH

Susquehanna Flats: Big Stripers for Little Trip

This perennial upper Chesapeake hotspot has been drawing “catch & release” trophy hunters for decades.

2018 3 Jesse York Group

Profiles in Angling: Jesse York

Jesse York was a pioneer of Northeast angling techniques who lived on borrowed time.

2018 3 Getting Down Basics Main

Leader Talk: Getting Down to Basics

Abrasion resistance, visibility and stiffness can all play a role when it comes to selecting the right leader for the job.

2018 3 Moon Tide Magic Main

Striped Bass: Moon Tide Magic

Moon tides and the currents they generate are a major turn-on for trophy size stripers.

2018 3 Basic Fiber Glass Repairs Port Bow

Basic Fiberglass Repairs

Knowing how to perform minor repairs to the skin of your vessel can help keep her looking good, while cutting down on repair bills.

2018 3 Diversify Your Fishing Surf Fluke

Looking Back: Diversify Your Fishing

The author takes us through his 2017 season and shows how diversifying your approach can make this year’s fishing more rewarding.

More In This Issue

2018 3 Wacky But True Marlin

Wacky, but True

This triple hookup on blue marlin required the skipper to stretch the limits of sanity.

2018 3 Cross Bay Bridges

Cross Bay Bridge

Spanning the eastern complex of Jamaica Bay from Howard Beach in Brooklyn to Rockaway Beach, the North and South Channel Cross Bay Bridges set the stage for some fine all-around action on a variety of species through the course of the season.

2018 3 Broiled Codfish Steaks

Broiled Codfish Steaks

Now is the time to feast on fresh cod steaks for anglers in the Northeast, and this simple recipe complements the flaky, white meat that these fish are known for.


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