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November 2020

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Trout State Of Mind

Trout State Of Mind

I'm here to tell you however that some spectacular trout fishing also takes place in the fall.

November Schoolies

November Schoolies

Clearly, recent decades have witnessed trends in both surf fishing for blues and striped bass, and to remain connected to the fish during these changes, anglers need to adapt on the run.

November Stripers: Late Season Tactics

While some get discouraged going into November by the size of the fish around, this isn’t the time to put the rods away yet.

A selection of Striker Tackle slow pitch jigs.

Late Season Stripers: Next Gen Jigging

Lighten your load for outstanding fall striped bass action.

Late Inning Blackfish: Last Licks With The Bullies

Tog fishing during the late fall in these waters are for the big leaguers since you’re going to be playing with some big togs, deep-water and strong currents.

Fig A

Tech Talk: Down Imaging Sonar

Many Nets Glassberg Fish

Oops, They Did It Again: 2020 Northeast Striped Bass Study

And now there are four!

Deep Wrecks

The Late Show: Working Deepwater Wrecks

Sinker bouncing and jigging for deepwater species are among the few options available from November through April, but well worth the effort.  

Last Licks

Last Licks: Late Season Stripers

The November surf can provide a good dose of rod bending action before the curtain closes on the season.

Bucktailing The Surf: Trim A Jig

Bucktailing The Surf: Trim A Jig

Trimming some hair can affect the casting distance, sink rate, swing rate and profile of your bucktail.

Trophy Tautog: Double Digit Do’s And Don’ts

The quest for personal best requires a dedicated effort.

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