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October 2018


2018 10 The Ultimate Equalizer Water

Maximizing Mojos: The Ultimate Equalizer

Simple yet effective, it’s a wonder why every striper angler hasn’t made the mojo leap.

2018 10 Adapting For Pigs On Jigs Mouth

Match the Catch: Adapt for Pigs on Jigs

When tautog sharpies around you start catching, it’s time to break out the jigs.

2018 10 Fiberglass Surfcasting Couple

Advanced Techniques: Reverse ‘Surfcasting’

Take the concept of reverse surfcasting to the next level with the aid of electronics and trolling motors.

2018 10 Best Bets For Fall Stripers Fshing

Best Bets for Fall Stripers

Fisherman editors project where you are likely to find the best striper action this fall.

2018 10 Focus On Fall Sea Bass Red Jacket Fishings

Fall Bonanza: Focus on Sea Bass

The fall fishery for black sea bass can be totally out of control if you hit the right wreck during the pre-winter migration.

2018 10 Point The Way For Stripers Catch

Eastern Sound: Point the Way for Stripers

The eastern reaches of Long Island Sound are prime turf for structure loving stripers.

2018 10 Culling Out Keepers Catch Main

Shallow Water Tautog: Culling Out Keepers

Their hard-fighting and delicious qualities have made them one of the Northeast’s most popular inshore species.

2018 10 Try A Little Finesse Catch

Fall Blackfish: Try a Little Finesse

Whether you fish the North or South Shore, light tackle can play big on blackfish under the right conditions.

2018 10 On The Chunk Slice

Offshore: Fall on the Chunk

A veteran blue water skipper shares some insights that are sure to improve your fall chunking game.

2018 10 Cashing In On Fall Stripers Catch Main

South Shore: Ca$hing in on Fall Stripers

Recognizing what bass are feeding on is the key to matching the hatch.

More In This Issue

2018 10 The Ultimate Mate

The Ultimate Mate

If I could only pick one person to be my mate it would be my wife.

2018 10 Rockaway Reef

Rockaway Reef

The Rockaway Artificial Reef turns an impressive 44 years old this year and holds the title of being the first artificial reef in New York State waters.

2018 10 Lowrance Elite Ti Series

Lowrance Elite TI Series

The Lowrance Elite Ti family of touchscreen combo fishfinders and chartplotters is one of their most popular and affordable product lines, and for good reason.

2018 10 Lemon Herb Baked Striped Bass

Lemon Herb Baked Striped Bass

With the fall striped bass run upon us, here’s a recipe that will turn those bass fillets into a dish that you and all of your guests will really appreciate.


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