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September 2017

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2017 9 Long Sand Shoal

Long Sand Shoal, CT

It doesn’t require much imagination to guess how Long Sand Shoal earned its descriptive name. Stretching 6 miles from its east-end bell to its west-end gong, Long Sand Shoal spans the towns of Old Saybrook and Westbrook, Connecticut, and its midpoint rests 1-1/2 miles south of Cornfield Point.

2017 9 Captree Bridge Curse

The Captree Bridge Curse

I can think of a few reasons why maybe I should avoid bridges whenever possible, and in particular the Captree Bridge that spans Long Island’s Great South Bay.

2017 9 HOMER RHODE 1

Homer Rhode Loop Knot

This is a simple and exceptionally strong knot when used with monofilament and fluorocarbon leaders from 20- to 80-pound test.

2017 9 Fuji Corrosion Control1

Fuji’s Corrosion Control Frames & Fazlite Rings

Fuji’s new Corrosion Control (CC) process is a breakthrough in guide performance that provides seven times the corrosion resistance of standard stainless steel.

2017 9 Whole Sea Bass

Whole Sea Bass

There is lots to love about sea bass.

2017 9 Do It Yourself Hook Disgorger

Do It Yourself Hook Disgorger


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