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September 2017


2017 9 The Pluggers Lure Bag JettyFishAtDawn

The Plugger’s Lure Bag

A look at must-have surf plugs with tips on how and where to fish them for maximum success.

2017 9 Getting The Most Out Of Bucktails Fishing

In the Surf: Getting the Most Out of Bucktails

Adding the snap jigging technique to your bucktailing repertoire adds a whole new dimension to your surf fishing arsenal.

2017 9 Dunk A Chunk For Fall Trophies Fishing Trucks On Beach

Beach and Bait: Dunk a Chunk for Fall Trophies

Chunking is one of the most effective ways to connect with big stripers and blues in the fall surf.

2017 9 Adding Functional Luxury To Your Boat PB S408 MG 0186

Adding Functional Luxury to Your Boat

These upgrades have “reel” value helping captains catch more fish, run vessels safely or efficiently, and adding to crew comfort.

2017 9 Class Is In Session JOYCE CARUSO

Back to Sea Bass: Class Is in Session

It may require work finding open seasons, but it’s all play – big play – once you do.

2017 9 New Haven Harbor Round Up Harbor Main

Urban Fishing: New Haven Harbor Round-up

Multiple access points and family fun make New Haven Harbor an ideal surf fishing spot.

2017 9 Targeting Both Albies Bonico

Speedy Gamefish: Targeting Both Albies and Bonito

These two species can drive both boat and surf fishermen mad with feverish pursuit.

2017 9 Perfect Storm Solution Main

The Perfect Storm, Solution

The confines of the Cape Cod Canal offer shelter from the storm, here’s how to make it work for you this fall.

Counting Sea Bass by Hook & Line

Could a Rutgers University sea bass study hold the key to improved reef fish assessments throughout the country?

2017 9 Think Outside The Rip Author

Targeting Eddies: Think Outside the Rip

While many anglers concentrate their efforts on the main rip line itself, they overlook productive nearby water.

More In This Issue

2017 9 Long Sand Shoal

Long Sand Shoal, CT

It doesn’t require much imagination to guess how Long Sand Shoal earned its descriptive name. Stretching 6 miles from its east-end bell to its west-end gong, Long Sand Shoal spans the towns of Old Saybrook and Westbrook, Connecticut, and its midpoint rests 1-1/2 miles south of Cornfield Point.

2017 9 Captree Bridge Curse

The Captree Bridge Curse

I can think of a few reasons why maybe I should avoid bridges whenever possible, and in particular the Captree Bridge that spans Long Island’s Great South Bay.

2017 9 HOMER RHODE 1

Homer Rhode Loop Knot

This is a simple and exceptionally strong knot when used with monofilament and fluorocarbon leaders from 20- to 80-pound test.

2017 9 Fuji Corrosion Control1

Fuji’s Corrosion Control Frames & Fazlite Rings

Fuji’s new Corrosion Control (CC) process is a breakthrough in guide performance that provides seven times the corrosion resistance of standard stainless steel.

2017 9 Whole Sea Bass

Whole Sea Bass

There is lots to love about sea bass.

2017 9 Do It Yourself Hook Disgorger

Do It Yourself Hook Disgorger


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