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November 2019


Think Small: This Fall

The Long Island surf will likely again be dominated by small stripers this fall. That’s all the more reason to adjust your tackle and your attitude accordingly.

Late Fall Mixer: Join The Block Party

Late fall is prime time for a host of species in the fish-rich waters surrounding Block Island.

Big Fun, Small Packages Hot November Schoolie Bite

Extend your season with great action on Long Island Sound.

Migration Time: Jigging Late Fall Stripers

Late fall striper jigging is the season’s last hurrah for many Long Island anglers.

Fall For Tog: Shore Bound Options

Both shores of the Island offer opportunities for land based anglers to take advantage of the fall blackfish season.

An Unexpected Catch

One of the things that always draws me to fishing is the mystery of what's going to come up when casting a bait or lure into the water.

North Coast 255 Cabin

The NorthCoast 255 HT (hard top) is the latest addition to their three-season, weather-protected, sport fishing cabin product lineup that includes the 285 (introduced last year), the 235 and the 215.

Heart Breaker, Your “PB” Time Has Come!

That personal best blackfish of double-digit proportions is out there waiting for you!

Canyon Bound? Liberty’s Message In A Bottle

The first satellite tag results of 2019 are in with tales from the edge!

Winter Layover: Proper Boat Prep

A little extra work at season’s end will go a long way to ensure a trouble free 2020 season.

Surf Fishing: Love That Dirty Water!

Tips, tricks and thoughts on finding success when weed and sand clog the surf.

Down & Deep: The Black Sea Bass Hack

Black sea bass are a mobile species. Throughout the four seasons, they can virtually be found anywhere in the water column, depending on the time of year.

More In This Issue

South Shore Docks And Piers

Many of us who began fishing as youngsters spent many hours fishing local docks for snappers, flounder, blowfish and whatever else we could catch.


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