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February 2019


2019 2 Honeymoon Rooster Catch

Honeymoon Roosters: Costa Rican Sleigh Ride

A kayak adds another level of excitement to this challenging tropical adventure.

2019 2 Winter Gamefish Ice Wolves Catch Fish

Winter Gamefish: Ice Wolves

Northern pike offer New England anglers a chance to slide an apex predator onto the ice.

Hardwater Action: Make Ice Fishing Fun Again!

With a few simple steps ice fishing can easily become an enjoyable way to pass the winter months.

2019 2 Stick A Fluke Fish

Stinger Hooks: Stick a Fluke

Adding a stinger hook to your jigs this season will put an end to short striking fluke.

2019 2 Build A Rail Rod Actions

Rodcraft: Build a Rail Rod

A West-Coast rod style finds its home with Northeast party boat tuna fishermen.

2019 2 Marine Electronics Buyers Guide Shutterstock 249406630

2019 Marine Electronics Buyers’ Guide

This is definitely the golden age for marine electronics and it gets better every year. This year is no exception.

2019 2 The Fishmaster Flaptail Main B

Plug Building: The Fishmaster Flaptail

Resurrect this striper catching classic for some heart-stopping surface strikes this season.

2019 2 Profiling The Atlantic Cod Cod

Profiling the Atlantic Cod

The Winter King has influenced history, politics and economics for the better part of five centuries.

2019 2 Build Your Own Bait Pen Mahi Kirk Fay

How-to: Build Your Own Bait Pen

Maintaining a healthy supply of live baits can be a game changer when targeting some of our most prized inshore and offshore species.

More In This Issue

2019 2 Coxes Ledge

Coxes Ledge – Southern Section

With year-round cod action and summertime addition of shark, tuna and billfish, this is a highly-productive section of Southern New England.

2019 2 The Wreck Of The Dh Ingraham

The Wreck of the DH Ingraham

In 1871 the U.S. government officially formed the Life-Saving Service and placed its administration into the capable hands of a man named Sumner Increase Kimball and a host of lighthouse keepers and “surfmen” along the coastal United States. 


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