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October 2017


2017 10 Three Season Sportfishers Boatsense

Three-Season Sportfishers

When the wind shifts to the north, and the sun goes down at 4:30, these boat designs provide the protection you need to keep on fishing.

2017 10 Attracting Stripers Low Down Chunking Catch

Attracting Stripers: With Low-Down Chunking

How to make sure the dinner bell is heard loud and clear in swifter currents.

2017 10 Tautog Observations Insights Fishes

Blackfish Behavior: Tautog Observations & Insights

How a little underwater surveillance can change one’s strategic focus on whitechins.

2017 10 Tube Worm Tactics JUMBO

Trophies on the Troll: Tube and Worm Tactics

A standard from the traditional striper man’s playbook, the tube and worm is an effective tactic throughout the seasons.

2017 10 New Shark Regulations Shark

Be Prepared: New Shark Regulations for Federal Waters in 2018

A look at the pending recreational shark fishing measures in federal waters effective January 2018.

2017 10 Troll An Eel Catch 3

Kayak Stripers: Troll an Eel

It’s tough to beat a live eel when big stripers are on your itinerary.

2017 10 Rock Em Sock Em Tog

North Shore: Rock ‘em Sock ‘em Tog

Long Island Sound is rich in rocky bottom that is ideal for housing structure-loving blackfish.

In the Surf: When the Going Gets Tough

You may have to work a little harder to find fish but you’ll often find the rewards are greater.

2017 10 Big Bad Bluefish Main

Choppers in the Surf: Big, Bad Blues

An unconventional look at seeking out behemoth bluefish in the surf this fall.

2017 10 Montauk Bag Of Tricks Main

A Montauk Bag of Tricks

The tools you need if you want to get serious about fishing the Montauk surf.

2017 10 Boat Review

Steiger Craft 255 DV Chesapeake

I had the chance to jump aboard Steiger Craft’s next-gen 255DV Chesapeake a few weeks back, and you will definitely want to know more about this roomy, fuel-efficient sportfisher.

More In This Issue

2017 10 West Bar

Fire Island Inlet’s West Bar

Heading west through Fire Island Inlet and just before you approach the deep blue, you’ll pass the backside jetty of Democrat Point on the left...

Fish Cakes

Codfish, striped bass and sea bass all lend themselves nicely to this recipe.

2017 10 Changing Mood Jigs

Changing the Mood of Jigs

As a former charter boat mate, we used to go through a lot of jigs, especially when employing bucktail jigs on three-way rigs when fishing ripsfor stripers.


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